Grandpa Bell

My fiancee’s grandpa has long passed.  But that does not mean he isn’t still around!  I’m sure a few of you know what I mean here.  😉

I have sensed him around Nick (my fiancee) a number of times.  Nick loves him dearly, and misses him.  This last Saturday, he and I were with his mom, just walking to dog on the beach, when poof, there was Grandpa!  He was trying to get my attention.  I thought he wanted me to get a message to Dianne, Nick’s mom, inferring this meaning because we were all together.

Grandpa Bell wanted to me relay that he and Grandma Bell were together on the other side.  They in fact, showed up together, though him much more clearly and fully.  I asked him to please verify that this message was in fact from him, and he showed me a time where he was playing with this little blond haired kid; tipping the kid around, hoisting the kid on his shoulders, and helping the kid hang upside down as the kid squealed and laughed with delight.  I thought it was Diane as a little kid–must remember to ask more questions and not just assume things!  I started to ask her about this to see it was in fact her.  

Turns out, it wasn’t her at all.  Nick was the one who piped up and said he and Grandpa used to play jungle gym.  After having what I thought was a total miss on the information, I told the very instant Grandpa Bell that I wasn’t going to relay the rest of the message just yet and he backed off.  

After lunch, I got a chance to talk with just Nick.  I said, “Your grandpa is around.  He showed me playing with a little kid like a jungle gym as verification that it is in fact him.  He really just wants to say that he and Grandma Bell are together.  They show me their clasped hands raised up in the air together.”

Nick paused, considering.  Then said, “Well, I haven’t told you this, but I have been wondering lately if they are together.  They used to clasp my hands like that when walking and lift me into the air.”


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