Strange Stuff Part One

My Mother’s living room is a waiting room for spirits and entities.  Typically, they have lost their bodies and are just waiting there, much the same as they would wait in a doctors office.  And they wait for me.  

Sometimes they are polite.  Sometimes they are not.  Usually, however, they just sit there, somewhat sadly, and wait for me to lower my barriers to see them and help them.  

One time there was a woman waiting.  She had two daughters with her, and they looked to be about 8 and 10 years old.  She looked a bit haggard.  She was plump and very matronly.  She had dirty blond hair, bangs, and wore an outfit which looked to be made entirely of jeans.  She looked sad.  Her daughters were sad.  They were just sitting there one day when I walked by en route to the kitchen.

They caught my eye because I felt a sort of “tug” if you will.  It is sort of like an energetic “pst!” or like a feeling I get when I know there is someone or something that is looking at me and asking for me look back.  So there they were.  The three of them.  Just. Sitting. There.

Not having the slightest clue how to help or what to say, I simply said, “Uh, hey.  What’s up with you guys?”  The reply? I got to see a whole movie of how they were driving on the freeway and then something happened and the car/van they were in rolled and how they all perished before ambulance arrived.  They wanted to tell their story, almost like they needed to vent and almost because they didn’t really believe that was their fate.  They seemed to be in a state of shock.  And they wanted me to track down “Dad” and tell him where they were, and that they were all okay; that they are together.  They were sad because really, they didn’t even see it coming.  They didn’t really feel that they had any choice or say in the matter.  They felt like victims.

I asked them if they could return to the place where they had made the decision to die that way.  They went blank.  I realized that this awareness was beyond them and I began to search for other ways to help ease their sadness. 

I told them that they needed to send “Dad” my way.  If I could see them now, I would see them when “Dad” showed up.  I said, “You have two choices right now.  You can either leave, go toward the light, and move on, or you can do what it takes to bring your Dad to me so we can deal with this.”  

They chose to go toward the light.  

So, Mike, or Michael, (I think this what the Mom called you, though I’m not very good with names) you need to know your wife (Sarah) and two girls (Talia and Mikaylah) are okay.  Together, they held hands and moved on into the light.  I wished them a safe passage and journey; that their next adventures be grand and filled with love and peace.   



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